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How To Make A NPC Navigation System — April 17, 2017

How To Make A NPC Navigation System

   A Brief Foreword

Before jumping into the article I’d first like to clarify just what place tutorials have in Queer Pro Quo. Above all, this site is devoted to exploring the often overlooked LGBTQA issues and designers with the world of video games. Continue reading

Like Camping, A Review — April 8, 2017

Like Camping, A Review


Before I Begin

In constructing a review for traditional games, there exist several useful criteria by which they can be judged. These include gameplay hours, immersion, mechanics, visual design, narrative strength, difficulty, sound, pricing, and so on. “Art” games and often independent games in general are not so easily parsed. In fact, many of these criteria simply do not translate. Continue reading

What You Need To Know To Know Gaming — March 28, 2017

What You Need To Know To Know Gaming

There’s a lot of contention over just what games are and who plays them. The attitude that some people don’t belong in gaming circles largely centers around the idea that only certain people are “true” gamers. Instead of tackling that faulty rhetoric head on, today I’d like to set a baseline for productive conversation on games and gamers. Accordingly, here’s some useful stats gathered from 2015 survey data related to gaming. Continue reading

6 Excuses Against Inclusiveness In Video Games That Need To End — March 22, 2017